Warhammer 40K's Holy Trinity

And GW spoke: „Take three of every kind and you shall be victorious!”

The new strategy to make more money continues in the new Space Marines Codex. It’s a very simple one, but effective, since most established players already got in there army one or two tanks of every kind. With new formation and squadron rules, GW just wants to say: why take two if three are so much better? And it will continue with future codices, since for example, how many Tau players own only two Riptides and only two Hammerheads. And with said formation and squadron rules, most of them would buy another one for each of them. With this strategy they animate players who already have a complete army to further enlarge it. The unit range in every army is that big by now, that it becomes more and more difficult to establish new units. Therefore it’s much easier to bring out new models for existing units and/or adjust the rules in a way, so players are tempted to buy more models of those they already got.

The only new squadron where it’s not much use to take more then two tanks, is from my point of view the Fire Prism, since first, two tanks are enough to get strength 10 with the lance shot and strength 6 AP2 with the dispersed shot is also enough for most infantry targets. If through the third Fire Prism, the lance shot would get destroyer strength, then the third tank would defiantly be reasonable addition.

Also are Fire Prisms and Night Spinners the only ones who get a bonus in pairs in a squadron and don't have to be played with three tanks to get a bonus.


Advantages of the Triple Squadrons:

-The big advantage is of course, that the unit receives strong special rules. These rules open up whole new possibilities and strategies, which are able to strongly influence the game.

-The other advantage is that if you play by the standard organisation plan of the main rule book, you’re able to play three tanks per slot and therefore still got two slots open.

Disadvantage of the Triple Squadrons:

-Vehicles in squadrons always have to stick together, what, depending on the battlefield terrain and the size of the tanks can result in a few difficulties to safely move the squadron.

-Secondly, all hits of an enemy unit are transferred to the other members of the squadron, when the first one is destroyed. With three solo tanks it doesn’t matter how many hits the tank receives, the enemy can only destroy one of them. In the squadron it’s completely different: here a whole lot of hits can wipe out the whole squadron.

-Besides that, the squadron only receives the bonus ability as long as it consists of three vehicles. The moment one of them gets destroyed, the unit loses the additional ability.

-The biggest disadvantage from my point of view, is that all members of the squadron must fire there weapons on the same target. If for example your enemy spasm Rhinos, then a squadron of three Fire Prisms do you no good. As a squadron they can only destroy one Rhino, there they are more effective as solo tanks, since each of them can target a different Rhino.


Squadrons with three tanks are only good against an opponent who plays a small amount of units or the squadron special rules gives you a special advantage like the Deep Strike rule of the Falcons. Against Armies with a lot of small units, squadrons don’t make much sense, since you’re not allowed to split fire and because of that you lose a lot of firepower. Formations on the other hand don’t have this problem, since there members are allowed to act separately.

Personally I think it's better to play tanks solo or in a formation, because that way there firepower can be used more flexibly and you have more liberties in placing them on the table since you don't have to place them in cohesion to one another.

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    Kos (Freitag, 26 Juni 2015 13:14)

    I don't see a problem with selling more miniatures, it is their business. Some of the "three of" are not units or squadrons though, they are just bought as 3. Anti-air defence force- buy the 2+1 and get the bonus. 1st company taskforce- buy 3-5 mixed units from the elite slot- get preferred enemy (the second bonus- minus 2 to leadership you need 3 near the target) Strike force ultra- buy the units, deploy from reserves as one, get the other bonuses no matter what. 10th company taskforce, all bonuses, each unit independant. Stormwing is not a squadron- can fire at separate targets, still get bonuses. Landraider spearhead- get the bonus if stay within 6 " but are not actually a squadron. In short-they are not Squadrons, they get bonuses though.

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    Andy (Freitag, 26 Juni 2015 20:57)

    I referred only to the squadrons with the advantages and the disadvantages, like Falcons, Predators, Whirlwinds, etc. Formations don't really have disadvantages.