Fun of Sigmar

Rules to have fun

While reading the Warscrolls I noticed several fun rules I like to share with you:

Let’s start with Bretonia and the Grail Knights:


The Grail Vow: You can re-roll all failed

 hit rolls for this unit if, before rolling the

dice, you hold aloft a grail or goblet and

 shout ‘For the Lady’ in a heroic voice.


So don’t forget your Grail next time you play.


Then Daemons of Chaos have two of these rules. First the Great Unclean One:


Grandfather’s Joy: If a Great Unclean One

uses this ability, then whenever you roll

a 7 for a Nurgle Daemon unit in your

 next charge phase you can shout ‘seven’

in mirthful tones. If you do, that unit can

make 1 extra attack with each of its melee

weapons in the following combat phase.


And the masque of Slaanesh:


The Endless Dance: If you are dancing

while rolling the dice for the Masque’s

attacks in the combat phase, you can reroll

 any failed hit rolls. If, at any point, you

 can coerce your opponent to join in, you

 can re-roll any failed wound rolls as well.


So next time you see someone dancing while playing Tabletop, you know now why.


Dark Elves are next with Bloodwrack Medusa/Shrine:


Bloodwrack Stare: When making a

 Bloodwrack Stare attack, pick a visible

 unit within range and roll a dice for each

 model in that unit; for each roll of 6 or

 more that unit suffers a mortal wound as

 they foolishly meet the Medusa’s deadly

 gaze. You can add 1 to these dice rolls if,

 between the time you declare the target of

 the attack and time you roll the dice, your

 opponent looks you directly in the eye.


Could be a bit complicated to declare a unit, stare into your opponents eyes while rolling a dice.


And the Death Hag:


Touch of Death: Select a unit within 3" and

 then hide a dice in one of your hands. Ask

 your opponent to pick a hand; if that hand

 is holding the dice, the unit you picked

 suffers D3 mortal wounds.


You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Gamesworkshopland, and I show you how deep Age of Sigmar goes.


Dwarves have four, starting with Thorgrim:


Great Book of Grudges: When Thorgrim

 is set up, select an enemy unit on the

 battlefield. You can re-roll any failed

 wound rolls when a Dispossessed model

 from your army targets that unit. In

 addition, if you lose the battle, write down

 the name of your opponent’s general. The

 next time Thorgrim faces this general,

 you can select an additional 3 enemy units

 for this ability to apply to (one must be or

 include the enemy general).


Always keep track of things, who knows when you need it.


Then Josef Bugman:


Liquid Fortification: You can add 1 to

 the Bravery of Josef Bugman and any

 Dispossessed unit from your army

 within 4" of him whilst you are holding

 a drink.




Next Thane with Battlestandard:


Honour of the Clan: It is a Thane’s duty

 to uphold the honour of his clan, and his

 fighting prowess is as deadly as his beard is

 magnificent. You can re-roll any failed hit

 rolls when attacking with a Thane so long

 as you have a bigger and more impressive

 beard than your opponent.


A bit unfair towards female players.


And Longbeards:


Old Grumblers: In your hero phase,

you can complain about something in a

suitably Dwarfish manner. For example,

 the hardships you endured when you were

 younger, how the youth of today don’t

 respect their elders, how expensive beer

 is etc. If you do, this unit of Longbeards

 will join in and you can pick one of the

 grumblings listed below. The effects last

 until your next hero phase.


That’s right, beer is far too expensive, when you go out to party, then half your months salary is gone just for beer. And then the youth, nothing better to do then painting minitures and throwing around dices.


Lizardmen got one with Tetto’Eko:


Cosmic Herald: In your hero phase,

 Tetto’eko can attempt to scry the future.

 Both you and your opponent secretly place

 a dice to show any number, then reveal

 them. You gain as many insights as the

 number on your dice – however, if your

 opponent’s dice shows the same number,

 Tetto’eko misreads the portents that are

 revealed and your opponent gains the

 insights instead! Each insight can be used

 to re-roll any single dice before your next

 hero phase.


They forgot to mention that you get a Bonus if you bring Taro cards and a Crystal Globe with you.


Let’s continue with Ogres and Greasus Goldtooth:


Everyone Has Their Price: If Greasus

 Goldtooth uses this ability, select an enemy

 unit anywhere on the battlefield and

 choose one of the effects listed below:

 - The unit cannot move in its next turn.

 - The unit cannot move, attack or cast

 spells in its next turn.

 - All models in the unit immediately flee.

 - The unit changes sides and immediately

 comes under your control.

 Then, offer your opponent a bribe (this

 can be anything you want to offer). If your

 opponent accepts your bribe, the chosen

 effect takes place – otherwise, nothing

 happens. Players are free to haggle over the

 offered bribe, or propose a counter-offer...


How much is a victory worth to you?


Then the Empire got two, first Kurt Helborg:


Pride of the Reiksguard: Helborg’s

 skill is as legendary as his moustache is

 magnificent. You can re-roll any failed hit

 rolls when attacking with the Runefang

 so long as you have a bigger and more

 impressive moustache than your opponent.


Another moustache contest, well looks like bearded players clearly have the advantage in Age of Sigmar.


Next Marius Leitdorf:


The Mad Count: Marius Leitdorf is an

 exceptional swordsman, even if he is totally

 insane. If, during your hero phase, you

 pretend to ride an imaginary horse, you

 can re-roll failed hit rolls for the Averland

 Runefang until your next hero phase. If

 you actually talk to your imaginary horse

 you can re-roll failed wound rolls as well.


Can’t wait to see someone galloping around the table.


Then my favourite with Tomb Kings and Settra:


And He Did Say ‘War’, and the World


Did Tremble...: If Settra the Imperishable

 uses this ability, you must hold out your

 hand and utter ‘War’ in a supremely

 commanding tone. If you do, then until

 your next hero phase you can add 1 to all

 hit rolls for Death units in your army

 that are within 18" of Settra in the combat

 phase. If a Deathrattle unit is affected

 by this ability, you can also add 1 to their

 wound rolls in the combat phase. However,

 if Settra is your general, you must not

 kneel for any reason during the battle. If

 you do, even once, you immediately lose

 the battle. Settra does not kneel!


“WAR!!!”, just testing.


Vampire Counts got two, first Manfred, Mortarch of Night:


Mortarch of Night: If it is nighttime, or

 you cannot see the sun, you can add 1 to all

 hit and wound rolls for Gheistvor.


Lock the doors, barricade the windows, never let the sun in. The sun is ... evil.


Second is Konrad von Carstein:


One Bat Short of a Belfry: Konrad is a

 violent lunatic, and his temper does little

 to help his stretched sanity. If, during

 your hero phase, you talk to Konrad von

 Carstein, you can re-roll all hit rolls of

 1 for him until your next hero phase. If

 Konrad von Carstein talks back to you,

 reroll all failed hit rolls instead.


Who knows, maybe Konrad is a more interesting person than your opponent.


Last but not least, Warriors of Chaos, first Wulfrik:


The Gift of Tongues: At the start of

 the combat phase, Wulfrik can issue an

 indelicate challenge in his foe’s tongue

 if there is an enemy Hero within 3".

 Issue your opponent with a challenge

 of your own – you can be as mocking,

 rude or insulting as you dare; if your

 opponent rises to the bait and they change

 expression, even so much as crack a smile

 or a glimmer of shock, Wulfrik’s challenge

 is successful and you can re-roll failed hit

 rolls for any attacks he makes this phase

 against enemy Heroes.


Why are you so cruel to me. Can’t we all just be friends?


And the last one, Sigvald:


Supreme Vanity: Sigvald is narcissism

 personified, unable to go more than a

 few moments without seeking a mirrored

 surface. You can re-roll failed save rolls

 for Sigvald if you can see your reflection

 or are holding a mirror when you roll the

 dice. However, if the result of any of these

 rerolls is 1, Sigvald becomes entranced by

 his own perfection, and cannot pile in or

 make attacks for the rest of the phase.


Will GW start selling mirrors along with Sigvald now?


These are all the “Fun Rules” I found, if I missed any, please let me know. Enjoy them and have fun.

Best regards Andy

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  • #1

    Igneus Umbra (Sonntag, 05 Juli 2015 20:55)

    What is it good for?
    Absolutely nothing!

    I'll have to keep an eye out for other crazy rules like that. Thanks for pointing those ones out.

  • #2

    greggles (Montag, 06 Juli 2015 13:35)

    These are fantastic! Thanks for putting them all together and sharing them!

  • #3

    Andy (Dienstag, 07 Juli 2015 11:00)

    Found another one, Kairos Faithweaver:
    Secrets and Ciphers: When you make
    a casting or unbinding roll for Kairos
    Fateweaver, add 2 to the result of the roll
    if, just before rolling the dice, you can
    correctly spell the spell’s name backwards,
    aloud, without hesitating or looking it up.