Yncarne - Avatar of Ynnead

The last member of the Triumvirate of Ynnead is done. I was finally able to finish the Yncarne. It was a real challenge to me. I wanted to paint him as a being of pure energy with a dark and sinister touch. Only the sword does not fit into it, since it is not a part of him, but rather receives it during the campaign.



While painting the rune in his hand, I thought about exchanging it with an apple, but since the Yncarne is "just" the avatar of the God of Death and no god himself, I abandoned the idea (but I can't get it completly out of my head, excanging the soulstones and the rune with apples, or the rune exchanged with a black notebook and the sword with a pen. Would be an interesting conversion...).



With the Yncarne, my Triumvirate of Ynnead is complete. More pictures of them can be found in the Ynnari gallery. Hope you like them and now back to painting Harlequins.


Best regards



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