Monster Madness Part 4: Kroq-Gar on Grymloq

Kroq-Gar on Grymloq

I finished painting the most powerful warrior of the Lizardmen. Kroq-Gar and his faithful Grymloq are ready to crush their enemies.


Hope you like him, more pictures are available in the Lizardmen gallery.


Enjoy yourself.

Best regards Andy


Coming next: Troglodon

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    Lancelot (Donnerstag, 19 Oktober 2017 15:47)

    Wow! I love this piece so much! Could you please share with me the colours and steps you used to get it?

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    AndyKhaine (Freitag, 20 Oktober 2017 20:21)

    Thank you very much. I'll try to explain everything to you.
    I painted rider, throne and monster seperatly. I primed the rider and the throne white and the monster black.
    For the scales of the Monster, the fire effects of the weapon, the eyes and the recesses of Kroq-Gars head I used vermillion, bright orange, light orange and flat yellow from the model color line of vallejo. I started with vermillion as basecoat, a mix of vermillion and bright orange were my first highlight, a mix of bright orange and light orange the second highlight, light orange plus flat yellow third highlight and flat yellow last highlight.
    The belly of Grymloq I just drybrushed with three diffrent shades of grey and finished it with a thinned black ink mix (1 drop ink + 4 drops of water).
    For Kroq-Gars body I used the Red Paint Set from Andrea Color. Basecoated the body wih Red Nr6, first highlight Red Nr6 + Nr5, second highlight Red Nr5 + Nr1, last highlight Red Nr1 + Nr2. His scales and spearhead I painted black and highlighted them first with Red Nr6 and then with Red Nr6 + Nr5.
    For the Gold NMM I used the Yellow Paint Set from Andrea Color + White. I used a mix of Yellow Nr5 + Nr1 as basecoat, Yellow Nr6 as shadow color, Yellow Nr1 + Nr2 as first highlight, Yellow Nr2 + White as second highlight and thinned White as last highlight.
    For the leather stripes I used the Brown Paint Set from Andrea Colors. Brown Nr1 as basecoat, Brown Nr1 + Nr2 as first highlight and Brown Nr2 + Nr3 as last highlight.
    For the horns of the throne I used the White Color Set from Andrea Color. White Nr1 as basecoat, the dark parts I layered with the shadow colors of the paint set, the bright parts with the highlight colors of the paint set.
    I hope I was able to help you, if there is anything else you would like to know, just ask, I'll be happy to help you.
    Enjoy your weekend
    Best regards