I’m Andreas and I’m a first edition from 1985 and despite of some minor signs of usage still in near mint condition. I'm a health-conscious vegan with one exception (honey). I live in the beautiful Federseeregion in Swabia, Germany. I spend my spare time preferably with painting, photography, travelling, Warhammer TableTop, Magic the Gathering,  Yoga, Pilates, running, trekking, camping, reading, listening to music, riding the rollercoaster, cooking, playing with my cats, watching movies, gardening,  and climbing.

Playing tabletop and painting miniatures is my most extensive hobby. Since 2006 I send my armies into battle. I started with the Dark Elves, followed by Eldar (2011), Tomb Kings (2012), Vampire Counts (2013), Lizardmen (2015) and Harlequins (2016). Over the years I continuously improved my painting style. While my first models are painted very simple, the newer models are significantly more detailed. I always try to improve myself, by learning and practising new painting techniques.

But my favorite hobby is climbing (including bouldering). It doesn't matter where it is, in the hall or at some cliff, nothing is as great as climbing.

In addition, in recent years I discovered travelling for myself. Whether it’s trekking through the mountains or a backpack tour through distant lands, in the wild, I just feel good. Besides it is always fascinating to observe the free wildlife.

However, in the end, it’s always good to come back home again and to enjoy the domestic wildlife. It’s just magnificent, seeing and cuddling both my cats again. Nothing makes you feel more at home. And I can finally cook something decent to eat for myself, instead of having to live off travelling provisions. There’s no place like home.


But my new great adventure is my own blockhouse with a big self-sufficiency garden.