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25. April 2020
The next Nemesis monsters are done. Carnomorphs are ready for the game.
08. April 2020
The first kind of monsters from the Nemesis game are done. The Queen and her minions are ready to hunt for some prey.
02. April 2020
And the other two SpaceCats from the Nemesis Board Game are done.
23. März 2020
After a long pause of painting, I finally found some time to finish a few minis. My first bust, I forgot were I got this one from. And two SpaceCats from the Nemesis Board Game.
29. Juli 2018
And another Warlord Saga Mini. The last one I got from Andrea Miniatures for now.
18. Juli 2018
Another mini from the Warlord Saga of Andrea Miniatures is finished.
09. Juni 2018
Probably the biggest model I ever painted so far is done. Another miniature from Andrea Miniatures Warlord series.
10. April 2018
And another miniature from the Dark Nova Series from Andrea Miniatures is done.
18. Februar 2018
And another Mini from Andrea Miniatures is done.
03. Februar 2018
My first display miniature is done. Mila Kusanagi from Andrea Miniatures received the honor.

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