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13. August 2021
Wight vs Gnoll Duel
Just finished my first diorama, a duel between a wight and a gnoll from Lord of the Print.
04. August 2021
A Skinks best friend... long as they won't be eaten. Just finished two 3D printed Razordons for my Lizardmen army. The models were designed by Lost Kingdom Miniatures.
26. Juli 2021
From the Ashes...
Thanks to the bad weather I was able to start painting again and finished a phoenix.
03. Dezember 2020
Just finished my third bust, again from FeR Miniatures, a big guy called Baerkrom.
22. Oktober 2020
My new Warlord Saga Mini from Andrea Miniatures is done. Since most of my display minis are painted in a cool tone, I decided to give this one a warmer touch. So it's more Daramis, Burning Light than Healing Light ;).
12. Oktober 2020
My second bust is done, Boudicca from FeR. First time I used pigments for dirt and warpaint (hope I didn't overused them).
13. September 2020
I'm done with the rest of the rest of the minis for the Nemesis Boardgame. All Crewmembers are finally painted and ready to fight for their lifes.
31. Mai 2020
The third kind of monsters for the Nemesis Board Game is done. The Void Seeders are ready to mess with your mind.
25. April 2020
The next Nemesis monsters are done. Carnomorphs are ready for the game.
08. April 2020
The first kind of monsters from the Nemesis game are done. The Queen and her minions are ready to hunt for some prey.

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